Women Build America

California is still the Golden Gateway for Women Construction Contractors

Women Construction Owners and Executives, USA is returning to San Francisco for
the 2015 Mid-Year Meeting and Workshops. This year’s event will bring
members and associates together for business development workshops and
networking opportunities. It has been 10 years since WCOE visited San
Francisco. In 2004 we were looking for opportunities in construction. Fast
forward to 2015, let’s keep our foot on the gas pedal and join together for a
few days of exchanging information and recharging our batteries.

  • The WCOE agenda and workshops will be built around the following principals:
    To promote the role of Women Business Enterprises (WBE) in the construction industry;
  • To assist women in executive management positions within the industry;
  • To provide resources to enhance the professional development of every member;
  • To create a legislative network to monitor and pursue legislation advantageous to the business community and the construction industry; and
  • To encourage professional standards and member responsibility within the industry.

Please join us in San Francisco, an area with a booming construction climate and lofty construction goals for the years ahead.

Sharon Alberts, President
Talus Construction, Inc.
Oakland, California

WCOE California Chapter President


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