Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Women Construction Owners & Executives, USA. We are excited for you to explore the opportunities and benefits of being a part of a national organization that focuses on helping your organization grow and prosper. Women who chose to follow a non-traditional path as an owner or executive in the construction industry face unique challenges. WCOE understands the importance of providing a strong and unified voice to equalize the playing field for women in the industry.

Please take a minute to review the below information about our different membership levels. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or join today!

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National Individual Memberships

$600 /yrJoin

This class of membership is comprised of individual women officers, partners, and policy-making executives in businesses that are not women-owned, who are active in the construction industry through the provision or procurement of goods and/or services.

This membership level applies to:
  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Suppliers
  • Architects
  • Engineers

These members have full voting privileges and are eligible to hold office on WCOE Committees and the Board of Directors.

$750 /yrJoin

This class of membership includes individual women who, within the general course of business, furnish professional services that support the construction industry and are employed by non-women owned businesses. Professional Services Members include attorneys, bonding agents, consultants, and insurance professionals.

Professional Services Members have full voting privileges and are eligible to serve on WCOE Committees and the Board of Directors.

$400 /yrJoin

This Membership includes officers, owners, partners and policy making executives who have served actively in any branch of the miltary and who have been discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable.

Veteran Woman Members have full voting privileges and are eligible to serve on WCOE Committees and the Board of Directors.

$100 /yrJoin

This class of membership includes individuals who are retired or no longer in a construction or construction-related industry but maintain their interest and enjoy sharing their experiences.

Emeritus / Sustaining members shall have no voting rights and cannot hold office on the Board of Directors. Membership in this category shall be approved by a majority vote of members of the Board.

National Business Memberships

Woman-Owned Business
$1,500 /yrJoin

This class of membership includes businesses owned or controlled by women. These businesses can be contractor, subcontractor, supplier, design professional and professional services firms. This membership includes the owner and two additional designated individuals to represent the firm at WCOE events.

Each Women-Owned Business Membership has one membership vote but is eligible to have the designated individuals serve on WCOE Committees or be a member of the Board of Directors.

Chapter / Caucus Memberships

In addition to the National WCOE organization, there are several local Chapters which further promote business opportunities in their respective regions. Upon joining WCOE National, you can also elect to join a local Chapter in your area for an additional membership fee. If you are interested in opening a new Chapter, contact us at

California$100 /yrVisit Website
Chicago$500 /yr
Kansas City$100 /yrVisit Website
New York$100 /yrVisit Website